Using sensors to create a story

For many adults, work seems to be the most stressful aspect of their lives. Whether the cause is not getting along with colleagues, heavy workloads or work that is life-changing and complex, they each have a similar effect on us.  Being more transparent about careers or companies that seem to cause the most stress could be valuable information for students deciding on a career field, recruitment strategies and health care industries to name a few. Using Single Lead Heart Rate Monitors, I would use information collected from various employees in range of industries to spot trends and make some generalizations about most stressful careers.  I think that a story like this would gain a lot of attention as well as have a high probability of remaining relevant for quite some time.

In a field test, a version of the Single Lead Heart Rate Monitor will be given to employees of all levels in Tech, Academia, Finance, Medical, Entertainment, Fashion and other fields. Sensor data will be collected to track the heart rate which will be linked to stress levels for Senior to administrative level employees.  My hypothesis is that attention will be drawn to stress levels of mid-level employees that often seem to bear the burden of executing the most tasks with limited resources, causing the most stress.

Heart Monitor.jpg

I hope that a story like this would encourage employers to reevaluate work environments and create more opportunities that young adults will be excited pursue.


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