3D Avatars for Online Shopping

Hypothesis: Creating personalized 3D avatars for people and products offered through online apparel retail stores will significantly decrease the amount of returns to retailers.  The creation and use of 3D avatars will become a more universal and commercial technology used globally.



Real Problem:

The uncertainty of online shopping and mass amount of returns to retail stores

Novel Solution: 3D Avatars created

Typical Personas:

Female: Shops a lot both in store and online for more options, but returns 50% of online purchases because of fit or not what was expected

Male: Hates shopping, but needs things.

Transformative Stories:

My cliché female persona uses her 3D avatar to try on clothes in a digital dressing room, all of the products are uploaded with accurate dimensions for a more realistic idea of fit when placed on your 3D avatar.

My cliché male persona doesn’t have to leave the house to try on clothes that he needs to update his wardrobe for a special event. He tries on

Retailers begin to adopt this technology and hire more 3D designers add accurate size runs of products to their site for digital dressing rooms.

How will this be tested/measured?

Will there be a decrease in returns from online purchases?

How many retailers will invest in offering 3D products to “try on”?

How many users will create their 3D avatars for online shopping?


Custom 3D avatars, with accurate dimensions of each user will become a common digital resource, universally integrated into our online shopping experiences.


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