Things Could Finally Be Looking Up At The Jersey Shore

Drone journalism stories should be both informative and visually compelling to make the most out of this emerging media technology. In the tristate area around NYC, the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and its effects on the Jersey shore still make headlines and I believe this would be a strong story to cover using aerial footage.

Using drones to shoot video showing the damage that still remains and efforts to rebuild the area would be impactful as it would allow journalists to completely cover this expansive area.


Viewers would also get a bird’s-eye view of the national relief efforts that are being made here. Drones could safely show the enormous amounts of sand that is being poured into areas like Toms River that was left severely damaged after Sandy. The sand will be used to widen the beaches and build protective dunes to help prevent something like this from happening again. In total, there will be enough sand to fill over five football stadiums and I can’t think of any reporter that should be tasked with covering that kind of space; this is exactly the kind of story that drones should be used to enhance.


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